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Ballston Lake Hair Salon

Our beautiful Ballston Lake hair salon is exactly where you should treat yourself the next time you need a great haircut or a retouch of your hair color.

Ballston Lake Hair Salon

Our Hair Salon


Our Top Hair Services In Our Ballston Hair Salon

  • Women's Haircuts

  • Men's Haircuts

  • Hair Highlights

  • Balayage

  • Gray Blending

  • Fantasy/Rainbow Hair

  • Hair Extensions

  • Hair Treatments​

  • Wash & Blowdry

The Best Reasons To Try Our Hair Salon In Ballston, NY:

Relax in peace while we create your new hairstyle!

Ready to transform your look? Or just lay back and enjoy the peace while being pampered with a new hairstyle of your choice?


Our Ballston Lake hair salons have you covered! We offer everything from high-end salon services such as cutting, coloring, and styling to more affordable options - all tailored to fit any budget.


If it's something unique you're after, we specialize in extensions too. So whatever style or mood makes you feel fabulous, come on for an unforgettable experience today!

Our Ballston Hair Salon Can Help You Troubleshoot Your Hair Problems

You understand the importance of a good haircut if you're like me. A bad haircut can ruin your whole week— maybe even your whole month. You start to feel self-conscious and wonder if people are staring at you and laughing. But a good Ballston haircut can boost your confidence and make you feel like you can take on the world. And there's no better place to get your haircut than our Ballston Hair Salon, Twisted Scissors.

Our stylists are true professionals who know how to work their magic. They'll take one look at you and know exactly what haircut or color will suit you best. So whether you need a trim or a total transformation, Twisted Scissors hair salon in Ballston Lake is the place to go.

A Hair Stylist at Twisted Scissors Can Give You Ideas For New Styles To Try

A professional hair stylist can help you choose a new style that suits your features and lifestyle. They can also offer advice on caring for your new hairstyle and recommend products to help you achieve the best results.

The stylist can show you how to style your hair differently or suggest a new haircut or color. Highlights and lowlights can also add dimension and new life to your hair. A good stylist will listen to your wants and recommend options that suit your taste and lifestyle. When you're ready for a change, visiting the Ballston Lake hair salon can be a great way to get inspired and find a new look you love.

An expert Ballston, NY Hair Stylist can save you from costly styling mistakes.

A professional hair stylist can help you avoid do-it-yourself hair styling and coloring mistakes. A haircut at a Ballston hair salon will always look better than a haircut you give yourself. A stylist can also help you fix errors you may have made, such as over-coloring your hair or using the wrong products.

If you're unsure what haircut or style will look best on you; a stylist can help you figure that out. And if you're considering coloring your hair, a stylist can advise on what colors will work best with your skin tone and hair type.


If you're tired of making hair mistakes, make an appointment with a stylist at Twisted Scissors, a Ballston Lake, NY salon.

Our Favorite Places In Ballston, NY

Some of our favorite places in Ballston Lake to go after getting a fresh haircut in Ballston are Lakeside Farms, Ellms Farm, and the Ballston Lake Veterans Bike Path.

Lakeside Farms has a fantastic bakery and sandwich shop inside their store. It is one of our favorite spots to have lunch on the weekends when the weather is nice.

Ellms Family Farm is a great place to take the kids during the fall as they have created a magical experience around Christmas and fall time. They also offer cut-your-own-tree options when it's time to grab the family Christmas Tree.

The Ballston Lake Veterans Bike Trail is an excellent spot alongside the Canadian Pacific Railroad tracks. It offers a paved and safe place to bike ride, walk or run out in nature. It is usually packed with locals on the weekends or any lovely evening around Ballston Lake.

Our Ballston Lake Hair Salon Can Help Repair Your Damaged Hair

A professional haircut from a salon can help you develop a strategy to repair your damaged hair.


Cheap products or overcoloring can cause your hair to become dry, brittle, and difficult to manage. The right haircut can remove the damaged ends and help you start fresh.


In addition, a professional hair stylist can recommend the best products for your hair type. They can also help you develop a maintenance plan to keep your hair healthy and prevent future damage.


Investing in a professional haircut can bring your hair back to life and make it look its best.

We Will Help You To Feel More Confident

A new haircut or color can do wonders for your self-esteem. If you're unhappy with how you look, it can affect every other aspect of your life. 


But when you love how you look, you feel more confident and capable of taking on whatever comes your way.


So if you're looking for a confidence boost, make an appointment at our hair salon in Ballston, NY. We'll help you find a style that makes you feel gorgeous and ready to take on the world.

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