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Women's Haircut

Women Haircut

The Best Women's Haircut In The Area!

Our stylists are experts in haircuts for women of all ages and hair types.


We'll take the time to consult with you and figure out the best style for your needs. We understand that every woman is different and want to be sure that your haircut is perfect.


We'll also consider how much time you want to spend styling your hair daily.


Once we know what you're looking for, we'll take you to the washroom, where we'll wash and condition your hair and give you a fantastic scalp massage.


Then it's off to the cutting room, where your stylist will give you a fresh new haircut using scissors and a high-quality razor.

We'll blow dry and shape your hair to your desired style, and you'll be ready to show the world your new look!

Once we finish styling your hair, we can help you pick the perfect hair care products.

Haircuts & Styles that our Hair Salon Loves To Do!

Pixie cuts

A classic look that's perfect for women who want an chic yet subtle style.

  • Layered Pixie: Great for thin or fine hair, this style gives the illusion of fullness and volume.

  • Highlighted Pixie Cut: Combines highlights with shorter layers for a fun, eye-catching haircut.

  • Pixie Undercut: A combination of sleek and sophistication. This haircut works best with straight or wavy hair and looks fantastic with short layers that frame your face.

  • Choppy Pixie Cut: It combines short choppy layers with longer pieces to create a dramatic yet stylish finish.

Layered Haircuts

Layered Haircuts add volume and dimension to the hair. It's excellent for creating a more textured style.


Shag haircuts

Shag Haircuts add texture and movement to the hair. It's excellent for creating a more natural style.



Classic look with a modern twist. Perfect for women looking to go from long to short with ease. There are so many different Bobs styles these days. Your imagination is our only limitation!

  • Shaggy Bob: A popular look among many celebrities, this haircut is ideal for creating texture and movement in your hair without taking away too much volume.

  • Undercut Bob: Perfect for those wanting a more daring, edgy, modern look.

  • Angled Bob: Good if you want to add a bit of length to your look without going too long. It's also perfect for adding texture and definition.

  • Flipped Bob: This looks best when your hair has some natural wave or curl, as it creates movement and adds volume while keeping the hair short.

  • Graduated Bob: This classic style adds length and dimension to your hair without going too long or too short. Good for adding a bit of volume and body to thin or fine hair.

  • Textured Bob: The textured Bob is great for medium lengths and perfect for adding volume and texture while maintaining a sleek, polished look.

  • Sleek Bob: This haircut is perfect for those who want to keep their hair short but maintain a polished look. It's sleek and modern yet easy to style and maintain.

  • Curly Bob: This is a great way to give your curls dimension and definition without losing length. This style looks best on naturally curly hair but works with wavy or straight hair.

Lob or Long Bob

A classic look that's flattering on all face shapes, perfect for adding a bit of edge to your style without going too short. Our hair salon can create the exact lob haircut that you want.

  • Messy Lob: An excellent look for those who want to keep their hair on the longer side but still have some texture and movement. It's effortless and great with any hair type.

  • Side Parted Lob: If you're looking for a chic, modern style that's also low maintenance, this is the perfect style for you. The side part adds an element of sophistication, while the longer layers give it an effortless look.

  • Tousled Lob: For the woman who wants a relaxed, undone look. This cut is perfect for creating volume and texture while still maintaining length.

  • Blunt Cut Lob: A great way to add structure and shape to your hair without losing too much length. It's perfect for creating a sleek, polished style.

  • Wispy Lob: This haircut is perfect for those looking to add movement and texture to their hair style. The wispy layers add dimension and volume while still maintaining length.

  • Stacked Lob: The stacked Lob is a great way to add fullness to your head's crown without sacrificing length. This style looks best on thicker hair, adding a lot of texture and shape.

Bangs, Bangs, And More Bangs

We can create the perfect bangs for any face shape or hair type.

  • Curtain Bangs: Perfect for adding a bit of drama to any haircut, this haircut frames the face nicely and looks great with short or medium-length hair.

  • Side Swept Bangs: Great if you want to keep your hair longer and don't want to commit to a complete bang look. This style is excellent for framing the face and adding a bit of drama.

  • Blunt Bangs: Perfect for women who want to make a statement. This look is great for adding volume and texture to the hair while keeping it short.

  • Long Bangs: This look is great for those who want to add a bit of length and movement to their style without going too short. It's a great way to frame the face and add some texture.

  • Wispy Bangs: Perfect if you want a softer, more subtle look. This cut adds texture and volume to thin or fine hair.

More Great Women's Haircuts And Styles We Love To Do

• Short Undercut: This style is great for women with fine or thinning hair as it creates the illusion of more fullness and volume.

• French Cut/Layers: Ideal for medium-length hair, this look offers soft layers that add dimension without making your hair look too bulky.

• Soft Curls/Beachy Waves: Want to add some life to your haircut? Soft curls are perfect as they give you a beachy look without requiring too much styling time each day.

• Razor Cut/Point Cuts: Adds soft layers to the hair while creating sharp angles that frame the face nicely. Great for creating a unique, stylish look.

• Tousled Layers: Good for medium-length hair, this look creates soft layers that add definition while keeping the overall shape of your haircut intact. Great for adding texture and movement to your hair!

• Feathered Layers: Add texture and volume to fine or thin hair, this haircut creates soft layers that frame the face nicely while keeping some length in your hair.

How To Choose The Right Women's Haircut For Your Face Shape

When it comes to a haircut, there are endless possibilities. There is a style for everyone, short or long, straight or curly. If you are confused as to what haircuts will look best for you specifically, you should start with your face shape. This will help you to find a style that flatters your features and makes the most of your natural assets.​

If you have an oval face, you're lucky enough to pull off almost any women's haircut, but, if you have a round face, avoid puffy or voluminous styles. Instead, opt for a haircut that rests at the chin or below, such as a bob or lob.

​Let Our Hairstylists Help You!

Twisted Scissors hair salon is experienced with various women's and men's haircuts. Whether you are looking for a short pixie cut or an extended, layered cut, we can help you find the perfect style for your hair type.


We also specialize in curly haircuts and can help you achieve the perfect look for your texture. If you are still deciding what style to choose, our stylists can help you find a flattering cut that complements your facial features.


Come in today, and let us craft the perfect haircut for you!

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