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Our Hair Salon

Our Most Popular Hair Salon Services In Albany

  1. Women's Haircuts

  2. Men's Haircuts

  3. Hair Highlights

  4. Balayage

  5. Gray Blending

  6. Fantasy/Rainbow Hair

  7. Hair Extensions

  8. Hair Treatments​

  9. Wash & Blowdry

You'll Get Better Results Going To A Hair Salon In Albany, NY

Transform your look with the help of a professional hair stylist! Albany, NY, has fantastic salons that can take any hairstyle or color to the next level.


From custom haircuts designed to fit your face shape and features to expertly applied highlights or even ombré shades - you're sure to have an unforgettable experience at these top-notch salons.


Please don't risk it when trying out new styles: go for guaranteed results from experienced professionals instead!


You can relax, chat with your stylist, and let someone else take care of your hair. Save yourself the hassle and go to an Albany hair salon for your next haircut or color. You'll be glad you did!

We Are The Albany, NY Hair Salons Gray-Blending Experts 


Aging gracefully is something to be proud of, but those pesky grays can take away from your confidence and beauty.


That's why the team at Twisted Scissors are experts in gray-blending hair throughout Albany, NY! 


Our experienced stylists will give you a haircut that accentuates your best features while keeping grays from overtaking your hair - making sure you look as beautiful and confident as ever. 


So don't let unruly grays bring down your style; trust the professionals here at Twisted Scissors for results that shine with ease!


We have tons of hair salon clients in Albany, NY.


No distance from Albany to the Northway is too far for our amazing clients!


For over two decades, we've been building relationships and providing amazing haircuts in the capital district.


We invite you from near and far to join us at our beautiful hair salon, where only top-notch service awaits you.

Your hair will be healthier with an Albany, NY, hairstylist.

Our hair is an integral part of our identity, so we must take reasonable care when looking to make a change.


If you're thinking of getting your hair trimmed or colored, the best way to ensure that no damage is done while achieving the look you desire - visit a professional hairstylist!


A trained stylist can create whatever style you want and keep your strands in tip-top condition. Don't hesitate – to get pampered today at our salon – your hair will thank you.

Why take a risk when it comes to your hair? Especially with something as intricate and delicate as coloring?


Instead of trying out the DIY approach this time around, let our experienced professionals at the best hair salon in Albany, NY take care of getting you that perfect shade!


You can count on them for top-notch service—they'll help keep your locks healthy by recommending tried-and-true products and ensuring that whatever color treatment you opt for is just proper.


Head over now and have one of our hair experts work their magic - beautiful results are guaranteed!

Skip The Franchise Hair Salons And Go To The Experts Instead

Are you tired of the same boring, predictable haircuts from generic franchise salons?


If you want a truly unique look tailored to your individual style, seek an expert! A local professional stylist can provide you with modern cuts and access to specialized products. And we will give great advice on what trends are right for you.


So go beyond the chains - express yourself through standout hairstyles crafted by real hair pros!


In addition, Albany hairstylists are usually more familiar with the hair type of their region, so they can offer advice on how to best care for your hair. So if you're looking for a great haircut, or a natural hair salon in Albany, NY, be sure to visit us as soon as possible.

Our Favorite Places To Go In Albany, NY

Here are a few of our favorite places if you just left our salon with a fantastic hair coloring or haircut and are looking for great places to spend the evening. We absolutely love Caffe Italia, Grappa 72, and Athos Restaurant for a great meal.


Caffe Italia offers incredibly authentic Italian cuisine, and its quality is second to none almost anywhere, let alone locally. Suppose you're lucky enough to call and get a same-day reservation. In that case, consider playing the New York Lottery as well because it is not uncommon for their Albany, NY restaurant to be booked for several weeks into the future.


Do yourself a favor and call for a reservation as soon as you know when your next hair appointment is at Twisted Scissors Salon so you can enjoy a night of decadent dining after getting your hair styled and colored by us!


Grappa 72 also offers delicious Italian food with a bit of a twist. They have several dishes you wish you could get every time you visit their Albany location. Their prices are incredibly reasonable, and the food is incredible.


The same can be said for Athos Restaurant in Albany County, NY. Their Greek cuisine is incredible, and you won't be disappointed. Their food is fresh and flavorful, and it is a delight anytime we dine there. 

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