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We've been crafting stunning women's haircuts in Clifton Park for over 20 years. Our seasoned stylists apply two decades of expertise to give you a haircut that complements your individual style and face shape. Whether you're looking for a transformative cut or a simple trim, we've got you covered. Serving Clifton Park, Rexford, Country Knolls, and surrounding areas. Call for a consultation today!

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Discover Your Perfect Women's Haircut in Clifton Park, NY


The world of hair styling is one of infinite potential, offering countless possibilities that cater to every individual's unique aesthetic. Short or long, straight or curly, you name it - there is a hairstyle out there that is tailored just for you. However, selecting a haircut that not only suits your hair type but also enhances your facial features can be a tough task. This is where the expertise of Twisted Scissors Hair Salon comes into play. Your search for the perfect Clifton Park haircut could be over!


Meet Our Expert Hairstylists


Entrust your hair to our experienced Hairstylists at Twisted Scissors. We offer a wide range of women's and men's haircuts, specializing in curly haircuts. Our hairstylists are well-equipped to guide you toward a flattering cut that complements your facial features and suits your hair type. Visit Twisted Scissors Hair Salon today, and let us transform your hair into your best accessory!


Nestled conveniently just a quick 5-10 minute drive from the town of Clifton Park, NY, Twisted Scissors Hair Salon is your go-to destination for top-class hairstyling. We're ideally located for residents of Clifton Park Center, Country Knolls, Ballston Lake, Jonesville, Halfmoon, Elnora, Rexford, Middletown, Vischer Ferry, Round Lake, Ushers, Crescent, Groom Corners, and Moe Corners.


Find Your Ideal Women's Haircut for Any Face Shape


If you're lucky enough to be blessed with an oval face, you possess the versatility to experiment with virtually any women's haircut, from the playful pixie cut to the sophisticated layered bob. However, for those of us with round faces, the ideal haircut is one that minimizes puffiness and volume, preferably settling elegantly at the chin or below, like a meticulously tailored bob or lob.


Beyond Haircuts: Our Styling Expertise in Clifton Park


At Twisted Scissors Hair Salon, we don't just offer haircuts; we offer transformative experiences. Our team of expert hairstylists is committed to helping you discover the perfect style for your hair type, whether you're in the mood for a chic pixie cut or an extended layered cut. Specializing in curly haircuts, we can help you tame your waves and curls and turn them into your best features.


But our capabilities stretch far beyond mere haircuts. We are masters in the art of hair styling, offering a wide range of captivating looks. For instance, our textured bob is designed to infuse volume and movement into your hair, while our sleek bob brings a polished, modern vibe to your look. For those who love their curls, our curly bob sculpts your natural waves with definition and dimension.


The long bob, or 'Lob,' holds a special place in our hearts and in our salon. It is versatile and adaptable, fitting into any social situation. Enjoy the chic side-parted lob for a formal look, or opt for the relaxed tousled lob for a casual day out. The blunt cut lob provides a structured, edgy look, whereas the wispy lob introduces movement and dimension, making your hair look fuller and more voluminous. Our stacked lob enhances fullness at the crown, lending an air of regality and class.


We also excel in crafting exquisite bangs, with options that complement any face shape and hair type. The drama-inducing curtain bangs, for instance, lend an aura of mystery and intrigue, while the face-framing side-swept bangs highlight your cheekbones and jawline. For an audacious look, opt for our bold and voluminous blunt bangs. For a more subdued, natural look, try the gentle and subtly textured wispy bangs.


Twisted Scissors Hair Salon takes great pride in crafting unique styles, from the illusion-creating short undercut, the dimension-enhancing French cut, and the soft and beachy wave-inspired curls, to the unique razor cut. We strive to accentuate your natural beauty with our texture-rich tousled layers and face-framing feathered layers.


Experience the Best Women's Haircuts in Clifton Park


Choosing the right women's haircut can seem like a daunting task, but fear not. With our expertise, we guide you towards a style that not only flatters your facial features but also suits your lifestyle. From oval to round face shapes, we have a wealth of knowledge on the perfect haircut to highlight your natural beauty.


With Twisted Scissors Hair Salon merely a stone's throw away, your dream hairstyle is within reach. Our seasoned hairstylists are adept at providing an array of men's and women's haircuts. From short, audacious pixie cuts to long, elegant layered styles, your ideal look is waiting for you.


Transform Your Curly Hair with Clifton Park's Best Stylists


Don't let your curly hair hold you back. Embrace your natural texture with our expert curly haircuts. Our stylists are skilled in specific cutting and styling techniques that enhance the natural movement and volume of curly hair. If you're unsure about the best style for your curls, our team can guide you to a cut that complements your unique hair type and face shape.


Complete Hair Care Solutions in Clifton Park


At Twisted Scissors Hair Salon, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your hairstyling needs. Our team of talented professionals also offers color services, ranging from subtle highlights to bold fashion colors. Looking to add some texture or volume? Try our keratin treatments or extensions! With us, you can expect a complete and personalized experience that leaves you feeling confident and beautiful.


So whether you're in search of a new look or want to maintain your current style, Twisted Scissors Hair Salon has got you covered. We welcome you to visit our salon and discover the perfect haircut for you. Our team is dedicated to making your hair dreams a reality, so book an appointment today and let us transform your hair into your best accessory. See you soon at Twisted Scissors Hair Salon!


Remember, a great hairstyle is more than just a cut; it's about finding a style that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

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